Monday, 15 September 2008

Library library

I admit I am an AVID reader and mostly have two or three books on the go at any given time.

This is not from any attempt to be extremely well-read (I much prefer trash to the classics!) but I just HATE it when I am stuck with some spare time and don't have anything to read - this comes from many an experience stuck in major traffic jams, locked out of the house, waiting on friends, waiting on chip shop orders, etc etc!!

Ergo I carry a book in my bag (nb the wisdom of my paperback love over War and Peace tomes), the car, the house, and several at the bedside . There's nothing I like better than buying a book.

However, in my desire to adopt more thrifty green ways, I have re-discovered a lifelong love of the library. And even better in this techno mad world I can now select and reserve books online. The library is extremely useful in tracking down and getting hold of non-fiction books that I want to flick through but not necessarily own. Same goes for new fiction.

There are certain authors that I like to collect: Stephen King, Richard Laymon, blah blah blah, but otherwise I can save a small fortune by simply picking up my reading list items at the local library instead of the local Asda or (god of thrift forbid) nearest Waterstones.

Dig out that library card and check out the books and services on offer in your area. Long live our booklending public institutions.

And look what I found after posting this entry!!

Rediscover Your Local Library -

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