Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Mr Motivator

I'm really digging this latest post by Zen Habits -

The Only Two Secrets

to Motivating Yourself

You’ll Ever Need:

1) make things enjoyable and
2) use positive public pressure

Read the full story here.

Recently I have had a lot of issues with "time" - my eternal adversary!! There just aren't enough hours to do everything on my endless lists.

Also, I have that weird but common affliction of "perfectionism" - i.e. there's no point in starting that project because I don't have enough time to finish it/do a good job/make any progress, yada yada.

And so I have been focusing a lot on my strategic goals and my lack of progress with same. Some projects have been hanging around my to do lists for YEARS.

But being a semi-logical-control-freak, the other day I just decided that I would ACCOMPLISH everything I wanted to do simply by maintaining a POSITIVE "CAN DO" MENTAL ATTITUDE.

And so far it is working - the house is clean, the cupboards stocked, some ticks against the "to-do's" and still time to enjoy life (occasionally).

NOW if only I could fit in some time for SLEEP, my system would be perfect!!

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