Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Scary Halloween spider web

Eeeugh! I HATE spiders. But I love this crafty web.


4 garden cane supports (8 x 0.9m for 99p)
Black spray paint
Plastic spiders (2 x 50p)

Firmly tie two sturdy canes together in a cross shape with string.
Add a cane at a diagonal above the cross and secure in the same way.
Add the last cane at the opposite diagonal below the cross and secure.

Wind the string with a loop around each cane to create a web effect. Add a piece of double sided tape to the canes if the string keeps slipping.

Voila - a large spooky spiderweb.

Take outside and spray paint matt black.

Add the gruesome twosome spiders......
Secure to wall for a truly scary dec!!

Cost: minimal
Time: minimal

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