Friday, 29 August 2008

Count your windfalls

Time to show off my current indulgences. These are absolutely the best creams EVER. Wonderfully scented and work like a treat. Obviously it must be pay day as they are not exactly thrifty, however, they are ethical - I LOVE the Body Shop!!!! Animal cruelty free, environmentally friendly, and supportive of community trade.

And in the spirit of buying "green", I have added some fresh organic chives to my window herb collection. Just ready to be chopped into a tub of sour cream and served with home made potato wedges.

The advent of pay day delivered another (small) load of ££££s into the bank account. But being skint last week, I took time to reflect upon all the lucky windfalls I had received through the month at nil cost:

A container full of fresh purple home-grown damsons - juicy.....
A strawberry pendant necklace - delightful
A Jo Malone travel case with mini toiletries - sweet
A new red Blackberry - on upgrade
An Indian takeaway - veg of course!

Which made me think of a personal finance book I read some years back by Suze Orman, "The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom". One lesson I remember was the mantra that you DO HAVE ENOUGH MONEY - it's how you spend it that impacts on your life. And as the lucky windfalls show, you sometimes don't even need to part with any cash!

I think, in fact, that the windfall gifts were even more sweet because they cost me nothing. So stop spending for a few days and take notice and be grateful for all the extra little things that come your way - probably a lot more than you think!

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