Thursday, 14 August 2008

Make Do and Mend

Apparently this is an old war-time saying. It is certainly not one which has been part of my philosophy until now.

I bought a pair of shoes in May and now, being August, they are well and truly what I would consider "done". They are scuffed from driving and walking around and have, in fact, been in this condition since around July!!!!

However, I haven't managed to find any others I like in the shops so with the situation getting more dire and my shoes getting more grey by the day, I relented and bought some shoe polish - what a novel concept!

Now my shoes actually look quite new and will last for at least another few months.

Previous concept - bin old shoes and buy new shoes.
New SGC concept - MAKE DO AND MEND.
Cost of new shoes £40+. Cost of polish £0.75. Go figure!!!!

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