Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Step up to recycling

For years I have been recycling paper (especially in the office) but a couple of months ago I decided to really step up to the reduce, reuse and recycle challenge. And I have been really SHOCKED at the amount of waste I am able to generate each week.

The first step was to visit my local recycling centre and check exactly what I could recycle: old milk cartons, paper, cardboard, glass, soda cans, etc. Then I set up a small recycling station in my cupboard with holders for each category.

If you had asked me about glass I would have said I didn't use any, ditto cardboard - surprisingly though I go through an inordinate amount of both these products every week - and I am sure most households are the same. Baby food jars, coffee jars, pasta sauce jars, cardboard from kitchen rolls, toilet rolls, food packaging, - the list goes on and on.

Who knew I would be able to hoard so much glass over one week?

Now I can feel rather smug about my generous contribution to the recycling cause - TRY IT - I can guarantee you will be suprised at the amount of unneccesary waste passing through your hands each week.

So go rinse out the milk cartons, peel the labels off your Sharwoods and get recycling!!!

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